How To Make Wedding Planner Books

If you are like me than you like to keep everything organized and in a certain place. Even if one item has been moved it throws things off and you have to start all over again. We all have a system that we use to keep things in order. For some women that system is so tight that they cannot find a wedding planner book that is sufficient enough for them to use. Why not save yourself the trouble and make your own?


  • Three ring binder
  • Ten tab pages
  • Lined loose-leaf paper
  • Ten clear, plastic protector sheets
  • Two clear, press on laminating sheets
  • Photos
  • Lace
  • Ribbons
  • Glue


  • Choose a photo of you and your groom to be and other decorative mementos that you would like to place on the front of the cover. Create a special arrangement that you would like it to go in and then glue each piece to the front of the cover. Now place a laminating sheet over the top and smooth it down, removing the air bubbles as you do.
  • Take out the tab pages and label them with the necessary things you have to keep track of. This will include; budget, calendar, invitations, flowers, clothes, ceremony, photography, reception, food, wedding cake, and honeymoon. When they are all labeled you will be ready to place them inside in the order that you want.
  • Under each section you will place the loose-leaf paper and make a few notes. Make sure that you right sub headings for each label or a checklist. Phone numbers, addresses, and business cards are important information and need to be kept so make sure to record them or tape them into the book.
  • Set a protector sheet over each section. This will be used to hold receipts, price lists, and pictures. This will allow you to get to it quickly and to keep track what you have finished or where you are at on your budget.